SSTP 2017: Week 2

Week 2 started off with an informative research seminar.

Tuesday, students went on lab tours in the Biology and Pharmacology departments.

Students gained more practice with calligraphy and improv, then relaxed with a trip to the local mall to shop and ice skate.

On Saturday, they attended the Iowa City Jazz Festival and Riverside Theatre’s production The Bomb-Itty of Errors.

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Check back next week for another update!


SSTP 2017: Week 1

The Secondary Student Training Program kicked off this year by welcoming a group of talented, passionate students from around the world to the University of Iowa campus.

SSTP 2017 Group Photo-1

Secondary Student Training Program Class of 2017

Students spent the week getting acquainted with the area, attending orientation with Dr. Ihrig, and taking part in calligraphy and improv classes.


First Day of Improv

On the weekend, they took a trip to the local bowling alley, and spent Saturday in Dubuque visiting the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium as well as Crystal Lake Cave.

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The second week marks the start of laboratory work for our students. Check back for weekly updates!

Countdown to SSTP: 1 Amazing Summer




Countdown to SSTP: 2 Lives to Live


Countdown to SSTP: 3 Things to Know about Your RAs

Name: Taylor


Major: English and Digital Media Leadership

Interesting Fact: Taylor wrote a novel last November

Name: Max


Major: Biomedical Engineering

Interesting Fact: Max owns an LLC called Footprint Medical Technologies

Countdown to SSTP: 4 Tips for Getting Around Campus

Iowa City is a campus designed for quick travel. Here are some tips for getting where you need to go and orienting yourself on campus.

1. Bring good walking shoes. Regardless of where your lab is located, you will be doing a lot of walking in Iowa City.


2. Use the Iowa River as a compass. The river splits campus into east and west sides.

T. Anne Cleary Walkway towards Pentacrest

3. Stroll along the T. Anne Cleary Walkway. It will take you from the dorms straight to campus.

4. Take advantage of the Bongo app. It tells you when and where you can catch a bus to get to your lab. You can also visit their website:

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Countdown to SSTP: 5 Campus Buildings to Know

During your time at SSTP, you will become familiar with many campus buildings. Here are some of the most important buildings to know.

1.The Blank Honors Center (BHC): Home of the Belin-Blank Center. This will be an important meeting spot and location for activities.


2. Burge Residence Hall: Your home for the summer. Hang out in your floor lounge, the Burge lobby, and experience college living.


3. The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center: Swim, play basketball, or simply do a workout.


4. The University Main Library: Weekly class sessions will be held here.


5. The Old Capitol: The well-known landmark of Iowa City and the University of Iowa. Use it to orient yourself on campus.