Meet the Staff

Kristin Flanary

Hello! My name is Kristin Flanary, and I’ll be working with you and your lab mentors at SSTP. I help match you with your lab mentors, and I will also help guide you through the ups and downs of your summer research career.  I moved to Iowa City and joined the Belin-Blank Center just last summer, so like you, I know what it’s like to be new here. Before that, I spent several years mentoring students in their academic endeavors and doing research in a few different labs. I started out running rats and pigeons (and cleaning up after them!) in a psychopharmacology lab and putting electrodes on people’s faces to study emotion in a psychophysiology lab. Eventually, I moved on to a graduate program at Dartmouth College to study cognitive neuroscience using functional neuroimaging and psychophysiological methods. While you’re here, feel free to talk to me any time about your research, your lab, your future plans, or anything at all!

Lori Ihrig

Hi! My name is Lori Ihrig and I am a member of the team that brings you SSTP.  I recently earned my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Science Education from Iowa State University. I am a science teacher and I have taught elementary through college students about many interesting ideas—from aquatic ecology to learning theory. When you come to SSTP, you will be seeing me often! I teach your weekly SSTP Seminar, you will stop by my office when you have questions about your lab, and you’ll likely run into me and my family enjoying the Iowa City Jazz Festival and fireworks on the 4th of July. My husband and I live in Iowa City with our two sons, Oscar and Gus; we garden, hike, bike, travel, camp, and enjoy time in our backyard together.  Summer is a fantastic time to experience Iowa City and it is a great time to be a new addition to a lab. I look forward to sharing my summer with you!

Jan Warren

Hello from Iowa!  I’m Jan Warren and am the ‘senior’ member of the team having worked at the Belin-Blank Center for 20 years. I am the Assistant Director for Student Services and I work to make sure that everything outside of your lab time runs smoothly.  While you will probably see Lori and your residential staff on a daily basis while you are here, just know that I am with you, too…behind the scenes.  One of my biggest roles is to select, train, and supervise the Resident Assistants that will live with you while you are here.  They are a fantastic group of college students who have all been a part of Belin-Blank Center programs in high school and/or college.  Get to know them while you are here; they are a great resource for you as you start thinking about college planning.


5 responses to “Meet the Staff

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  2. Edgar Contreras

    Hi, is the program available for college freshman college international students?

    • Thank you for your interest in SSTP! The program is only available for students who are in grades 10 and 11 during the time they apply for SSTP.

  3. Sebastian Sayagues

    Hi. What areas do students in this program do research in?

    • Hello Sebastian,
      Students do research in a number of different areas including biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy, psychology, public health, computer science, and even the humanities. It all depends on which mentors are available to host a student researcher.

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