Countdown to SSTP: 8 Things to Do in Downtown Iowa City

During your time in Iowa City, you’ll be within walking distance of some awesome restaurants, shops, and festivals. Here are some fun things to do in your free time over the summer!

1. Play sports on the Pentacrest. Take advantage of the warm weather and play frisbee or soccer on the lawn of the famous Old Capitol.


2. Try a sweet treat at Molly’s Cupcakes. These cupcakes are award-winning for a reason.


3. Browse the book selection at he famous Prairie Lights bookstore. Order a coffee at their cafe while you shop.


4. Shop local. Visit local stores to find anything from clothes and jewelry to music and gifts.


5. Try downtown restaurants. Local restaurants boast vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Options range from burgers and wraps to sushi and curry.


6. Refuel at a local cafe. Enjoy a selection of local and organic coffee brands.


7. Take a stroll through the pedestrian mall. Pick up some frozen yogurt and listen to local musicians perform.


8. Get your groove on at the Iowa City Jazz Festival. Enjoy local food while listening to talented jazz groups all over downtown.

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