Flying into Iowa

SSTP begins in less than 2 months! That means it’s time to start thinking about how you will get to the great state of Iowa to take part in our program.

For those who are flying into Iowa, it is important to establish travel plans as soon as possible. These students should book flights to the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids (CID).

  • Students flying into the U.S. should schedule their arrival for June 21st
  • Students flying within the U.S should fly in on the morning of June 22nd

Students flying within the U.S must to check the airport shuttle option in their registration materials (click picture below to enlarge).

Transportation General

At the airport, students will be greeted by a member of the Belin-Blank Center staff holding a large sign that says “BELIN-BLANK SSTP.” It’s a small airport, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost. Our staff will then drive the students to Iowa City for check-in at Burge Residence Hall and the Belin-Blank Center. An arrival at Cedar Rapids around noon is ideal for students flying in on the 22nd, though there is some flexibility—we just want you to be able to comfortably make it to Iowa City before opening ceremony begins June 22nd at 4pm.

Students who shuttled into Iowa City from the airport will be shuttled back. They should select a departure time on July 29th after the poster session. Students flying internationally may stay through Saturday, July 30th to help with flight arrangments. The end of the poster session on July 29th is at noon, which marks the end of the program. Departing students should aim for a departure time that won’t result in a frenzied rush to pack and reach the airport after the close of SSTP—any time after 2:30pm would work well with good preparation. If there is trouble scheduling a flight with a copacetic arrival or departure time, be sure to get in contact with us so we can ensure everything is in good order.

Residence hall check-in will begin at 1:00pm on the June 22nd. Students will have an opportunity to get familiar with Burge Hall, where they will live for the next 5½ weeks.  At 4:00pm, the opening ceremony for SSTP will begin. Parents are more than welcome to come to the ceremony. Some students will be with their parents at the ceremony, and others will be arriving solo.

June 22nd is quickly approaching—We look forward to finally meeting all of you!



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