Double-Check Your Email on the SSTP Application

Hello! The deadline for the SSTP application is right around the corner (Feb. 26th)! You will be notified of your acceptance status via email. We will communicate with you through the email that you provided in the Demographic Information section of your application (this is different from the email that you used to create the account).

Changing your demographic information on the SSTP application may be a little tricky. I have provided a step-by-step guide of how to change your demographic information:

  1. Click here to log into your account.
  2. Click “View Details” next to your name. Untitled1
  3. Click “Edit” located underneath the “Demographic Information” list. Untitled2
  4. Make appropriate changes to your information. Make sure the email (indicated with a star below) is one you check regularly!

*Note: You must not leave any blanks in the demographic information section. Leaving blanks will not allow you to update your information. If there’s information you don’t want/need to apply (e.g., work phone number) then put zeros or a space in those fields  and the update feature will likely work.




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