Where are SSTP students now?

After an engaging summer of research, where do these bright SSTP students take off to for college? To give you an idea, an SSTP alum has provided information of where 2014 SSTP students are attending college and where they have been admitted to.

Note: This is not a complete data set for all of the 2014 SSTP students.

College: Attending/Admitted

Harvard: 1/1

Yale: 2/2

Princeton: 1/1

Stanford: 1/1

MIT: 2/4

Columbia: 2/3*

Duke: 1/3*

UPenn: 2/2*

Dartmouth: 0/1*

Brown: 1/2*

Cornell: 1/1*

UC Berkeley: 1/4*

Cooper Union: 1/1*

USC: 1/1*

WashU: 1/1*

Northwestern: 1/1*

UMich: 1/1*

UWashington: 1/1*

Loyola: 1/1*

Smith: 1/1*

UCSD: 1/3*

St Louis University 7-year med program: 1/1*

*It is likely that more were admitted to this college


2 responses to “Where are SSTP students now?

  1. Christine DeMars Victorsen

    No one came back to The University of Iowa??

  2. Based on the cohort we received from the 2014 SSTP student, unfortunately there were no students that came back to The University of Iowa. We have, however, had past SSTP students from other years attend The University of Iowa! (:

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