Enrollment in class and payment

Unless otherwise notified, all SSTP students have already been automatically enrolled in the three credit course associated with the program. In order to pay for this credit, students have to pay U-Bills through the Iowa Student Information System. More information about U-Bills can be found on the University Billing Office website. The U-Bill payment for this month is due June 22nd. If the payment is late, there will be a $25 fee added to the bill. The bill does not immediately have to be paid in full (more information about installments can be found in the FAQ in the first link).


Upon first opening up the Iowa Student Information System page, you will be greeted with a notification that you are not eligible to register for classes. This can be ignored – you are already registered for the SSTP class. The part of this page that matters is the University Bill; the link to the bill is found on the right side of the page (see picture).



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