Shuttle Service

SSTP begins in less than two weeks! Keep this important information about shuttles in mind.

If you will be flying into Iowa and will need a shuttle from CID, please sign up for the shuttle we provide from the airport. This shuttle also covers transportation back to the airport once the program is over. The shuttle goes from the airport to Daum Hall and is driven by our staff at the Belin-Blank Center. One can select this option by signing into their admissions profile with the Belin-Blank Center and selecting the shuttle under the Transportation tab. The cost is $50, which covers both the shuttle to the University at the beginning of the program and back to the airport at the end of the program. If you do not sign up for the shuttle, our staff will not know if you need to be picked up.

In the same section where one signs up for the shuttles, there are also options for early arrival and late departure. For anyone who will be staying in Daum Hall the night of June 20th, please sign up for early arrival, and anyone staying through the night of July 24th should sign up for late departure. For international students, the fees for the shuttle, early arrival, and late departure are already covered by the international fee, so there is no need to sign up for these.


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