FAQ’s about your SSTP selection status

Acceptance emails for summer 2014 Secondary Student Training Program will go out soon! With this information come lots and lots of questions so here are some of the most frequent questions we get, and the answers to those questions.

Q: I’m an alternate, why was I selected as an alternate?
A: Many, many things go in to the selection process for SSTP. We look at course grades, test scores, and essay responses. After selecting students based on these criteria we begin trying to find lab placements that would be a good match, based on research interests, previous research experience, and high school coursework. When all of the pieces fall into place with our applications, we are able to offer those students a match in a research lab for the summer. Sometimes, we are unable to match a student’s research interest, or the level of coursework does not match the requirements of the lab mentor. In those cases, we are unable to invite students to come to SSTP.  Additionally, we have many, many more applications then we do available lab spots.  In some cases we are still unable to offer students with great application materials a spot in a lab right away.

Q: I’m an alternate, what number am I on the wait list?
A: Again, we work to match you with your indicated research interest. Because of this, names on the wait list aren’t just ranked 1 – 100. When a student declines their invitation to SSTP, we look for an alternate with similar research interests that might make a good match in the open lab seat.

Q: I’m an alternate, I really want to come to SSTP but I’ve been invited to join other programs.  What should I do?
A: This is a question only you can answer.  We cannot guarantee that anyone on the wait list will be offered a spot in the SSTP program.

Q: I’ve been accepted, why can’t I contact my mentor?
A: There are a few reasons we ask that you don’t contact your mentor. First, this is a busy time of year for faculty mentors as they are in the home stretch of their teaching assignments, helping students graduate, working on advisees dissertations, etc. In an effort to be respectful of their time, mentors do not formally engage with the program until June 1.

Q: I’ve been accepted to SSTP, what’s next?
A: First and foremost, we need to know you’re serious about coming. And the way we know you’re serious is by making a downpayment to attend SSTP for Summer 2015. You got information about making this payment in your email, but basically you have 3 options. 1: Make you SSTP payment in full by April 10 2: Make the suggested downpayment to SSTP by April 10 3: Contact the Belin-Blank Center to set up some sort of payment plan by April 10. The most important thing is that you make some sort of contact with us before April 10 to let us know you’re interested in coming to SSTP! Even if you’ve been accepted in to the program, if we don’t hear from you by April 10 and you have made a financial commitment we may give your spot to someone on the wait list.


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