Questions about SSTP?

These Q and A’s are taken from our FAQ page. Be sure to check out the FAQ page for more questions and answers; and if you have a question about something that’s not answered . . . just ask!

Q: How many students are accepted to SSTP each year?

A: The number of students enrolled fluctuates between years, due to differences in available lab spaces and student interests.

Q; How much time do students spend in the labs?

A: Each day, students work in the lab from 9 to 4, with an hour lunch break. Sometimes during lab time students will also attend lectures on campus, meet with other labs your faulty mentor may be partnering with, or  spend time in your lab’s library doing research.  Some labs also do field work a few times during the summer, in which the student travels with their lab off site.  During previous summers, SSTP participants have traveled with lab mentors to give presentations to community groups about current research, go on mammoth digs, and collect samples from research participants for community health-related research.

Q: What kind of lab work will I be doing?

A: Work in the labs in SSTP varies widely!  Some students work on research projects that are on-going, other students work on pilot projects that may be used in designing future research.  The faculty mentor you are assigned to will select the project you work on.  Through the SSTP experience you will get to see what laboratory research consists of at a Division I Research Institution.  Almost all lab work will consist of working with data on a computer and reading many research articles to prepare for work in the lab.  In some cases, students must undergo safety or Human Subjects Research training before they are able to work in the lab.  This is all part of the research experience!

Q: Will I work with my professor every day of SSTP?

A: There are many, many undergraduate students, graduate students and support personnel that work in research labs on campus.  It is unlikely that your SSTP mentor will work in the lab with you directly every day.  In many cases SSTP students work with graduate and undergraduate students daily.  This is a great chance to see what type of work college students interested in research have the opportunity to work on, while in school.  Although you probably will not be working with your mentor daily, you will have regular contact with your faculty mentor.  Many of our SSTP students attend weekly lab meetings with their mentors, as well as, lunch meetings and other lab get togethers around campus.  We pride ourselves on matching students with great mentors who have strong interest in developing talent among participants in our program.

Q: I have a science fair project I’m working on, can the faculty mentor I work with help me with this project?

A: You will learn many great research techniques that may help you to improve a research project you are currently working on at home, however, SSTP is designed so that you participate in a research project currently being worked on in a University lab.

Q: Can I request a specific lab?

A: As part of your application you should highlight specific research interests and research experience that may help us pair you with a faculty mentor.  However, requests for specific labs are not accepted.  We work to pair you with the best lab match available!


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