Poster Session Winners

Congratulations to all 2014 SSTP participants!  We had a great 5 weeks, capped off by poster session July 24 and 25.  And, an extra congratulations to our 14 poster session award winners!


Best Poster:

Jared Marks (Fassler Lab)

Lorraine Pereira (Manak Lab)

Katherine Guo (Daack-Hirsch Lab)

David Wu (Hourcade Lab)

Best Imagery:

Lazarina Butkovich (Bowden Lab)

Katherine Tian (Ryan Lab)

Aidan Wang (Okeoma Lab)

Best Oral Presentation:

Laura Naslund (Neiman Lab)

Justin Qian (Leddy Lab)

Alex Chan (Wasserman Lab)

Judges’ Choice:

Pranav Lalgudi (Elcock Lab)

Henry Tilghman (Cornell Lab)

Emmy Cunningham (Haes Lab)




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