Prepping for Your Arrival

Have you started the official countdown yet to the start of SSTP?  If not, students start arriving on the University of Iowa campus in 9 days!  While you’re busy applying to the University of Iowa, registering for class, and packing for 5 weeks away from home, we’re getting ready for you at the Belin-Blank Center also!

This week all of the R.A.’s for Belin-Blank Center summer programs are in training.  They’re learning all about the in’s and out’s of campus life and what it means to be an R.A. to the over 500 students we’re getting ready to welcome to the Belin-Blank Center on the University of Iowa campus.  As an SSTP participant you’ll get to know almost all of the R.A.’s working at the Belin-Blank Center this summer, but some of these R.A.’s will also be accompanying you to labs, the weekly speaker series, night class, and even all of your weekend day-trips!

And while Claire and I know quite a bit about you by now, these R.A.’s can’t wait to meet you!



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