Crossing Your T’s and Dotting Your I’s

As the application deadline for SSTP is getting closer and we are getting more questions related to the application process.  Here are some of the questions (with answers) we’ve been getting over the past few weeks.

Q: How should I send my transcripts to you?

A: There is a place on the checklist page to upload your high school transcript information.  Just scan your most up to date high school transcript and upload it to the checklist page.   Be sure to send us your transcript and not your most recent report card!

Q: Can I go over the word limit on my essays?

A: The computer will let you write any length of essay you wish to write, but the people reading the application expect to read applications that are right around the suggested length.  If you are 20-30 words over the word limit its not a problem, however if you’re 100+ words over the suggested length you need to edit the essays.

Q: Do you have any tips for writing good essays?

A: Yes, we do!  Check them out here.


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