Start Looking . . .

Most of you are getting ready for winter break from your high school and college classes over the next few weeks.  Today, I’m posting a little internet scavenger hunt to keep you busy on your break.  All of the items in the hunt will teach you a little more about the Secondary Student Training Program at the University of Iowa.  Post your answers in the comments section and in a few weeks we’ll highlight the correct answers!

1. The University of Iowa is home to the National Advanced Driving Simulator.  Name a study that made use of data collected from the simulator.  Also, give the approximate value (in dollars) of the simulator.

Side Note: Last year was the first year one our of SSTP participants worked in the lab with simulator!

2. What is the rank of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital?  How many years running has the university maintained this rank?

3. What is the latest discovery of SSTP faculty partner Dr. Don Gurnett?  Why is this discovery noteworthy?

4. When did the Secondary Student Training Program begin on The University of Iowa campus?  What was the former name of the program? (Hint: The abbreviation was still SSTP).

5. In 2013, how many STEM-related undergraduate degrees were granted by the University of Iowa?

6. Name three University of Iowa faculty members who have served as SSTP mentors during the last 10 years.   What are their respective areas of expertise?

7. Name 3 SSTP participants who earned an award at our poster session last summer.  What were the titles of the poster presentations and what award did they win?

Happy Hunting!


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