The Best of Iowa City . . .

Every year one of Iowa City’s local newspapers highlights the best _________ in the area (insert restaurant, bakery, show, etc., etc.) into the blank.

As I looked through the list this year I was impressed by the number of “bests” we take our SSTP participants to!  Here are just a few . . .

Best Bakery: Molly’s Cupcakes

Yes, that Molly’s Cupcakes.  The one that started in Chicago, and won the season finale of cupcake wars!  In fact, last year one of the SSTP RA’s was an “official” cupcake filler in the wee hours of the mornings at Molly’s.  They also hosted a cupcake decorating party for us!

Best Ice Cream: Whitey’s Ice Cream

The flagship store is located in the Quad Cities, but luckily there’s a store in Iowa City and its within walking distance from Daum residence hall.  This is one of the first stops during orientation weekend!  (My favorite is a double scoop of chocolate chip and graham central station . . . trust me on this one!)

Best Health Club/Fitness Center: University of Iowa Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

This opened in 2010 and is complete with a climbing wall and lazy river.  As a University of Iowa student, you can have free access to the facility all summer long!

Best Park: City Park

City Park is also within walking distance to Daum.  This park is home to the Shakespear Festival and carnival rides you’ll be able to check out during your summer stay.  City Park is also a great place to go for a run, swim, walk, or to watch the University of Iowa Crew club practice.

You’ll also be within walking distance to the Best:

  • Coffee Shop (Java House)
  • Vegetarian Restuarant (Oasis Falafel House–also a favorite of many SSTP mentors!
  • Chinese Restaurant (Taste of China)
  • Thai Restaurant (Thai Spice)
  • Pizza (Pagliai’s Pizza)
  • Frozen Yogurt (Yotopia)
  • Hamburger (Short’s Burger and Shine)

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