I bet you didn’t know . . .

Since 2011 Secondary Student Training Program participants have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, at the University of Iowa.


Once a week, students fix a meal for the families staying at the house.

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Through this experience, participants are able to connect with each other and other people staying, working, and living on campus during the summer.  It’s also kind of nice to be in a home (for at least a few hours!)


We’ve had students call their families at home to request special recipes to fix . . . sending our R.A.’s on a wild goose chase through area specialty grocery stores.  Others have entertained families by playing the piano in the basement of the house.  Some SSTP participants just enjoy the nice, big deck, and basketball court at the house!

So, after you’ve applied and been accepted to SSTP 2014; start dusting off your cooking, instrument playing, chatting, or basketball skills!  They’ll be put to good use at RMH!

P.S. If you haven’t applied yet, what are you waiting for!?!  Here’s a quick post to help you get started.


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