Dear Future SSTP Students . . .


My name is Michelle, and just this past summer, I flew from my home in California to Iowa where I had the most unforgettable experience of my life so far.

The lab experience in itself was irreplaceable; meeting new people and learning to work with them, as well as gaining familiarity with lab procedures and other technologies, is almost priceless to a high school student who wants to gain lab experience. To be able to work on your own project gives you a sense of responsibility, and writing up a scientific abstract and designing a poster to present is something you need to start learning how to do if your future career path is in the field of research. By physically doing the research and discovering things that no one else has yet seen, you get a true insight on what science is all about.

I strongly recommend this program to you (I personally know somebody who went to SSTP twice because they enjoyed it so much), because for me, going to The University of Iowa last summer was the best decision I made in my high school career, with friendships I cannot even begin to explain and an academic experience so fun you don’t even realize that it’s even called learning.

–       Michelle Zhang, SSTP 2013

Michelle is a junior in high school from Palo Alto, California.  Her hobbies include being musical, being in control all the time, and running fast. She is actively involved in her school’s choir and student government while also leading her cross country + track & field family as team captain. Before SSTP she spent her summers working at science-based summer camps for kids because she loved being involved in science. Her scientific passions are molecular biology, biotechnology and chemistry, and she hopes to one day have a career in forensic science.



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