Poster Competition!

SSTP Poster Session 2017-2Only a week remains in this year’s Secondary Student Training Program, which means that the students are busing putting the final touches on their research. By next Thursday, each participant in the program will have produced a poster detailing their findings.

To celebrate their accomplishments, the students will first present their work in a final poster competition. On Thursday afternoon, a panel of judges will hear the students’ presentations and view the posters. On Friday morning, the students’ work will then be officially unveiled in a public poster session.

SSTP Poster Session 2017-6

This year, the public poster session will take place in the Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge from 9:00-10:00am. Everyone interested in SSTP research, and research at the University of Iowa, is warmly invited to attend! Continue reading



Veteran Secondary Student Training Program mentor and University of Iowa Professor Dr. Zubair Shafiq recently received a prestigious award from the National Science Foundation for Faculty Early Career Development. Read more about the award and Dr. Shafiq’s work at the IowaNow blog here.

shafiq005b.jpgLast year, Dr. Shafiq mentored SSTP Alum William Kim for his project on SEO entitled Detecting automatically spun content in the wild via stylometric analysis, the poster for which can be viewed on our website here. In 2016, the year Dr. Shafiq joined the program, he mentored Brandon Wang in his project Detecting insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices, also available on our virtual poster session page here.

Congratulations to Dr. Shafiq and his research group! We look forward to many great years of research to come.

Countdown to SSTP: 1 Week Left!

The Secondary Student Training Program begins in just seven days, and we’re very excited to be welcoming the class of ’18. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. See you soon!

SSTP RA Photos 2017-59.jpg


Countdown to SSTP: 2 Roles


Countdown to SSTP: 3 Suggestions from Alums

Less than two weeks remain until the big day! To prepare you, here are a few words of wisdom from past SSTP students:


1. “Ask questions as much as possible! When it came time to create my abstract and poster, my mentor and grad student were great resources.”

SSTP Zhehao Zhu 2017-13.jpg

2. “You have an opportunity to make lasting connections with people from all over the world. Do not waste it.”

SSTP RA Photos 2017-19

3. “I think it is so important to always be challenged and force yourself to question current beliefs.”

SSTP RA Photos 2017-103.jpg


Countdown to SSTP: 4 Buildings to Know!

It’s a big campus here at the University of Iowa, so here’s a quick cheat sheet of must-know buildings to guide you on your first days here.

1. The Blank Honors Center (BHC): Home of the Belin-Blank Center, host of the Secondary Student Training Program. You’ll use this as a kind of nerve hub during your time at the university.

Blank Honors Center

2. Burge Hall: Your residence hall, your dormitory, your home away from home. Hang out in your floor lounge, eat your fill at the Marketplace dining hall, and shoot some hoops in the basketball courts out front! Check it out on our website here.


3. The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center: We’ve got it all, from workout machines to pools to climbing walls! Read about all the wellness opportunities available to your during your stay on our website here.

Image result for wellness center uiowa

4. Last but not least, the Main Campus Library. The university has many libraries, but we’ll hold your seminar classes here. In addition, the library has computers for your use and even a cafeteria! Read all about it here.

Exterior photo of Main Library


Countdown to SSTP: 5 Tips for Getting Around Campus

The University of Iowa campus is located right in the heart of Iowa City, without a doubt the most walkable urban center in the state of Iowa. Depending on where your research group is located, though, you may have a bit of a hike ahead of you! Here are a few tips from a local for getting around.

1. Bring comfortable athletic shoes! No matter how far the walk to your research may be, you’ll want them for getting around town and for the many outdoor activities available in the city during the summer.

2. Use the Iowa River as a compass. The campus straddles the river, with some colleges on the east side and some on the west. The river itself runs north-south, so you can use it to orient yourself if you get a bit lost at first.


3. Stroll along the T. Anne Cleary Walkway! It runs parallel to the Iowa River north-south from the residence halls to the Pentacrest, center of campus and home to the colleges of Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

T. Anne Cleary Walkway towards Pentacrest

4. Iowa City has its very own bus-tracker, which shows arrival times for both inter-campus transit buses and municipal bus lines. Download the bus-on-the-go app at

5. Prefer your own wheels? Iowa City boasts the Iowa City Bike Library, from which you can rent a bike for the summer for a deposit and a nominal fee. Iowa City has numerous dedicated bike lanes and bike trails for the committed cyclist.

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